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[Mana Rifts]Platform without use?

Has anyone found a purpose for this platform? After all, you’d have to invest one shard to activate it.

And on the other side you can raise it to even walk upon it, but yeah, what for?

No one seems to bother answering this question.

I know its late but replying as well. the platform seemed broken for me. the first time I couldn’t even see the block. I was able to walk on thin air. real confusing what this was for.

Hi there!

So, I had the same issue here, a useless platform… But, when I ran this dungeon another time, it seems there was a chest in the center of this platform. But the problem is: when there is no chest, I think this platform should not be here :slight_smile:

I did see a chest on another run through but couldn’t get to it.

Like so much of the Mana Rifts, it doesn’t seem to work particularly well (whether by design or by accident, I’m not quite sure).

In my multitudinous runs of the Rifts, sometimes that platform will have a chest on it but other times it will not. In either case, it requires either the expenditure of the shard or standing on the green platform to make it visible and both of them in order to make it explorable. If it turns out to not have a chest on it and you used the shard to make it visible, you just wasted a shard (which seems to be something that doesn’t happen anywhere else in the game; of course, the Mana Rifts are the endgame dungeon, so I’m not sure if it’s intentional as a “stupidity tax” for those who don’t explore before spending things like shards or if it it’s unintentional and they plan/planned on having something occupy those platforms to justify the cost).