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Man the Nightwar steam page is depressing atm

People complaining that they cant play beta because they Paid for it, they should be allowed to play the game!

Its like “Well the backers, backed the game, We’re esstinally making sure the damn game is working correctly”

no one likes a broken unfinished game!

Does anyone remember the SimCity release debarcle? No one wants that again

People always complain… Beta access was promised as a perk to backers. What do you think would happen if they decide to let everyone else play the beta also? Besides that the game is not in Early Access. So if they say they payed for it so they have to get beta access, they have to think again. They payed to play it when the game releases.

Oh and I don’t see any “Why cant i play beta” posts/threads on there except for yours and one other tread. So it’s not that depressing… xD


Sorry, what?

The beta is backer-only. Period.

We still distinguish between backer incentives and pre-order.
We, the backer, are allowed to enjoy (part of) the game early but at the same time are asked to look out for bugs because we decided to co-finance the development. Those who pre-order are only guaranteed that they will be able to play on the release date. Simple as that. If they whine about not being able to play during beta, sucks for them, simple as that.
If Airship yet decides to have an open beta shortly before release, good for those pre-orderers (and others), if not, tough luck.
This circumstance is not even worth a discussion, actually.


… this logic doesn’t even make sense.

“I pre-ordered this game, ergo I deserve beta access, too!” No, the Kickstarter even specifically said on its page that backing the game allows for people to beta (and in some cases) and alpha test the game to make sure it’s effectively ready to go come the scheduled launch date.

That’s like complaining about paying for regular price concert tickets to a show but not being able to go to the aftershow meet-n-greet because you didn’t pay the price for the meet-n-greet bundle.

Honestly it just seems like gamers these days (generally speaking) are getting wild senses of self-entitlement that they feel they’re owed something because they pre-ordered a product.

Sorry, that’s not how it works. You pre-ordered, great on ya, but you didn’t back the game on Kickstarter when it was active; that was your chance to participate in the closed alpha/beta testing. You paid for the cake you chose to enjoy, don’t like it, tough luck.

Note its the steam forums

And believe me as a long timer there, this isn’t even that ‘bad’. I’ve seen bigger shit storms over dumber things

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Yeah… I mean if you want to see a depressingly negative Steam community - visit the one for Chasm.

I don’t necessarily care if the beta would’ve been available to everyone - I didn’t back the game so I could have something other people don’t, I just really, really love Joe Madureira’s art, a lot. His style blew me away when I first saw an ad for Battlechasers in one of the Resident Evil comics that came out back in 2001-2002 (at least I think that’s what it was, I buy comic books fairly infrequently) and I absolutely loved Darksiders. I was happy I did back the game since I saw later that Chaoseater was going to come in and I would’ve been bummed to miss out on that.

That said, I do think folks these days just get used to the whole fishing-for-pre-orders tactic most bigger games use and beta access is usually on the hook - look at any number of big name games like Destiny 2 or others, and even games like Dauntless that have a sign-up for beta, but mostly look to get you to buy a fairly pricey founder’s package to get into it. So I wouldn’t necessarily throw these guys into the fiery pits for being a bit miffed; lots of folks I’ve shown the game to have never looked at Kickstarter, let alone backed a game on it. I’ve backed several now, and I can say with confidence this one is probably the best of those that’ve shipped (I backed the game mentioned above, a “metroidvania” called Chasm before I started law school and I’m now two months post-bar-exam and it STILL isn’t even in beta) so I give the team here a ton of respect for bringing out such a polished game in short order.

Final note though - I wouldn’t really hate on these folks; they are more than anything just enthusiastic about playing the game, like any of us.