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Maker's Workbench separate names?

Looking at the recipes, one needs to spend some time staring at them (or at least I did :slight_smile:) to notice that they require different types of Maker’s Workbenches (the drawing is different but the name is the same).
Would be easier if they had unique names, like Blacksmith’s Workbench etc.

This might actually be a bug. Could you maybe get screenshots for us, @tahsoos? Thank you so much for the report!

I would have gotten screenshots for all the reports but using Bootcamp to play on windows and the screenshot shortcuts weren’t working. Now that the Mac version is out I’ll get some screenshots in.

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@ortizgames I must’ve been mistaken, or it’s been fixed (probably the former). The recipe in the compendium just shows an image of the workbench but no name at all so please ignore me :slight_smile: