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Make the skip intro option faster and decrease load times

If this is a repeat thread, I apologize.

Why do I have to sit through what feels like half the intro and then hold down a button to skip? I mean, it’s cool and all, but I don’t need to watch it everytime I start the game. With the crashes on PS4, this is especially noticeable.

It should simply be a matter of tapping X immediately to skip it.

Also, the load times can be crazy long from time to time. Starting a battle, entering a new area, etc.

Otherwise, I love the game! Thanks.


Yeah, I agree on the subject of an easy skipping. Intro is awesome, but I wish I could skip it in a split of a second or not see it at all. May be adding an option “don’t show intro” would help.

Didn’t see this post and made a new thread about it here: Intro Video Skip. A team member responded in that thread.

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Being able to skip the intro would be nice and I have to agree that the load times on PS4 can be really long at times.