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Make Bleeding hurt more overtime to differentiate from poison

As the title says

Make bleeding HURT MORE OVERTIME/per tick to differ from poison,

because both deal piercing damage per tick

Could be cool if poison lowered your max HP until cured, but bleeding gradually lowered your current HP until bandaged.

It would be OP i think if you have no bandage ready at your disposal.

Maybe do more damage per number counter higher than poison.

True, but what if “bandaging” was just an action so you could do it in battle if you sacrificed your attack?

It’s cool for the party but worse for the enemy unless they can bandage themselves making bleeding probably useless.

Useless except that they couldn’t attack if they chose to bandage, making it definitely an in combat thing, cause as soon as combat is over you’d just bandage up and move on…

Just spitballing ways to make the two different.

Another way to make them different would be if bleeding damage stacked a number of times, getting worse with each hit, but didn’t last as long (if not reapplied after a round-ish it might go away) where poison might last for a set period of time regardless, but wouldn’t stack…

but truth to be told i think this kind of change would be kinda stepping on the toes of red monikas burst 1 that does more damage per tick. And changing it would probably end up either making bleed pointless or too op without proper balancing.

And they probably don’t want to make just one condition that can’t be cured with the normal means if you meant that using bandage is only way.(yes there are some that can’t be dispelled but players can’t inflict those as far as i know)

And i think the difference of bleed and poison is more about that some abilities get some benefits if enemy is inflicted by one of these. for example galibrettos obliterate.(bleed gives benefit but poison doesn’t)

What me bothers about bleeding, is that you can mechanical enemies bleed. This somehow doesn’t fit.
I mean this also applies to poison, so some enemy types should have immunity to certain conditions.

idk if having the damage be piercing was a good idea because in the end they basically became the same thing.

a subtle thing to do is the split their damage types. ignite magical, bleed is physical and poison would be piercing since from the looks of it is harder to maintain then the other two.

i think maybe in a sequel this would be addressed unless they don’t want builds to be hurt since im sure their would be bosses that are mechanical so you basically gimp a party member.