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Main city upgrade

Hi there,
First just wanted to say that the game is awesome. I’ve got 50h on the clock, just found the Mutiny sword (F yeah!). Loving every minute.
I had an idea and wanted to share it with you and also ask the Devs if this is at all possible:
It would be awesome if you could make the main city explorable, with buildings you can enter and all those shops that you can find in it now, but as real buildings we can enter and talk to the merchants. That would make the game perfect for me;)
Any thoughts on that?

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Hey, @MUG3NHC!
That would have been really cool!

We were actually playing with the idea of having more “Micro Dungeons” in the world early on in development, and we tried to get as many as we could into the game. We wound up deciding that being able to access all the services in town quickly was better, though, and we wanted to keep the world map an interesting place to be in, so we left all that functionality in the World Map.

We hear you, though - it can be super cool to be able to walk around in an area and feel immersed in those spaces. I’m sure we’ll try to do more of that in future games.

I agree that it would have been cool, but it’s sort of a wish-list thing. It would have taken a lot of time and resources, which we didn’t have to spend. It probably would’ve functioned similar to the Cantina near Junktown. It’s fun to think about.

Thanks for the replies guys. I do hope you’ll make Battle Chasers 2, and maybe you can implement that idea then :slight_smile:

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Yeah push for that, imagine a living breathing town, townsfolks and children playing doing their business

and then maybe tie it to the story where enemies strikes at midnight burning the town and sucking everyone’s blood, and you need to avenge them etc.

That would be totally immersive and story driven and we get more invested in the townsfolks and characters involved in that situation,

it’s a great way to tell and drive a story.

Check this one out, this is something similar, from one of the BEST JRPGs of all time Suikoden II