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MAC - Stretched Visuals : can't change Video Options

Hey there!
Here are my device specs:

iMac 27inch built-in display (2560x1440), late 2013
OS X El Capitan Version 19.11.6
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2048Mb

Here’s the problem:

Game starts stretched and in not the optimal resolution (fullscreen). Works fine: intro animation plays, main menu appears. Just everything stretched.

Once in the main menu, I try going into VIDEO settings, so to adjust resolution and fix the stretch issue, unfortunately because the options are all right-aligned, all of the setting options that involved striking the > key are off set outside the screen (to the right), rendering them inoperable:

Setting a smaller screen area doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Changing for a lower resolution and running it windowed (as opposed to full screen) alleviates the stretching but does not fix the off-set options issue:
07 - windowed
also: other usability issues show up on windowed version. But not of this magnitude.

Restarting the application and/or device does not change the outcome.

note: this issue does not appear to happen on newer iMac ( late 2016 ) with 5K display: on this device, it never presented this issues and I have been able to play the game perfectly.

Hope this helps.

Hey, @FPS! You should also be able to navigate through the menus using the WASD keys, E to select and Esc to back out. Let us know if this helps, and if changing the resolution fixes your issue.