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[MAC][Steam] game unplayable after intro video

Hey, @CNelson, @inkfromblood and @vfuste!

We’ve uploaded an experimental build on our experimental branch that is keyed to be our next release version. Could you try out this build on your machines and see if this fixes your issues?

Even if it does not fix your issue, we’ve ensured both Mac and PC log files are enabled, so if you do encounter a hang again, please use the instructions below to find your log files and PM them to either @Hooper or myself, so we can see if there’s anything to garner from them.

Update, for @CNelson, @inkfromblood and @vfuste:
We think we have a fix now for people on Mac running into this issue, and it should be up now on the regular branch of the game!

If you care to, please give it a try and update us on your results!
Special thanks to @inkfromblood for helping us track this down with his log file :slight_smile:

Looks like I was able to fastforward through the opening credits and get to the title screen just fine by holding down the E key.

Sorry I wasn’t able to reply sooner. Thanks for all your help troubleshooting this problem.

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I was also able to bypass the intro movie on my MAC

Thanks for all the help

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