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Lost Backer Info

How do you find out if you’re still a backer. I lost all my emails when the kickstarter for this game started. I tried logging into the my account but was unable to. Never received an email to reset my password or username recovery. After multiple attempts i had to create a new account. I receieve email updates all the time. I really wanted to play the beta but never received a key. Kind of frustrated at this point.

Same boat as you, man. Same boat.

It is very frustrating.

You can log into Kickstarter and look at everything you’ve backed, but it doesn’t seem to be tied to any of the content on this site.

I went through the entire history of email received from Kickstarter Battle Chasers (through #40) and everything from Airship Syndicate. No keys, no mention of anything.

Same here. I’m being told that my email doesn’t correspond with any emails in their files even though I’ve been receiving the " Hey backers!" emails.

I just want to play this game

Sorry you’re having trouble!

Email and we can get you sorted out.

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