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Loot boxes resetting?

I had done a couple of rooms in Junktown before exiting and going back in. I now have previously looted boxes (which stopped sparkling after I looted them the first time) resetting? and appearing as if they haven’t been looted yet.

Hey @guitarguy_93, to clarify - are you seeing the loot boxes sparkling but opened after returning, or are they completely reset with the lid back on? Additionally, what version of the Beta are you running? You can find the version number at the top right hand corner of the main menu. (v.22753) Thanks for the report!

Something kinda similar happened to me, maybe same happened to you?
I entered a room and looted stuff, then had to leave in a hurry and just quit the game with command-Q (not the proper Save And Quit button).
So naturally my progress in that room wasn’t saved and I looted the same crates/chests again.

they are completely reset with the lid back on and with nothing in them. I’m running v.22753.

Speaking of Junktown, got to the boss room for the first time and every box and chest in there was empty

I had the same thing happen. Quitting out to the main menu then coming back fixes it for a while, but it seems to happen if I sit and let the game idle for a while.

in all of these cases, did you have a dungeon in progress when you updated? Or is this happening in a newly started dungeon after the update?

There was a dungeon in progress when I got the update, but I completed it and started junktown and started seeing the same thing happen there, too. There was a treasure chest that I’m pretty sure I hadn’t opened before that didn’t give any loot and everything else I tried to pick up wouldn’t give loot after opening them, either. But going back to main menu and jumping back in again fixes it (for a while.) I’m not entirely sure what causes it, but I’ll try to recreate it if I can and report back.

Had a dungeon in progress yes

If you’re able to reproduce it, @Rocktave, if you could IM me your save file, it would help a ton to pinpoint the issue.

Well, I played all evening last night and it never happened again. Played through Junktown again and then another new one, and I wasn’t able to reproduce it once.

Those are the worst kinds of bugs D:

If I had to guess, it probably had to do with the fact that I was still in the middle of a dungeon when I got the update. That seems to be the commonality between me and other players who experienced it. Since clearing all the dungeons in progress and starting new ones fresh, I haven’t seen it happen again.

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