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Loot box still sparkling after being looted

In Junktown before taking the elevator to the boss I looted everything in the room, I did not noticed if the boxes were still sparkling but when I came down after the fight I found 2 looted boxes still sparkling.

Other than that I have not noticed any loot boxes sparkling after being looted since the update.

I see this all the time in dungeons as well mostly the “barrels” loot objects are the main culprits

It happened again, before the boss fight the box was not sparkling, I made sure of checking, and after the fight it started sparkling when I came down with the elevator

Thank you for the report @SergentBoucherie and @Kharmakazi! To clarify, are you both running v.22753 of the game? You can see the version number at the top right hand corner of the screen from the title screen menu. The issue should be resolved in v.22753 but we are seeing different reports still.

@AirshipAndy yes just checked my version, so far it is the only loot box still giving me that bug

Interesting… Thanks for the info! Wondering if this may have something to do with “save states” after the boss fight. We’ll take a look!

running theup to date version did a run through of the dig and junktown and it appears to be fixed for me so far

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