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::list of issues: xbox one story completed!

Sorry I wasn’t part of beta for this. I know a patch was already delivered to some consoles. Hoping Some of these can still get resolved. let me start however by I LOVED THE GAME! Glad I backed it and loved the art and gameplay!

So here are the issues I found on Xbox One

  1. CUTSCENES - This is top of my list. cause it REALLY ruined the ending for me and all my hard work. The cut-scene at the end of dead watch has an issue where the audio gets WAY ahead of the visual. it happened every time. I wasn’t broken up about it as it was the only time it happened. . . until I beat the final boss. the ENTIRE ending cut-scene was sooooo separated from visual to audio. really killed the enjoyment for me

  2. TOLKAS BATTLE ARENA. 2 things here. One i had an issue witht he lvl17 battle that i opened a thread about where it wouldn’t load. WASNT a freeze but the loading bar just sat at full. I got around it by going to fights and trying again. but it was weird as restarting didn’t help. ALSO it wasn’t game breaking but when you kill bosses you lose 10 - 15 seconds waiting for next wave to load. this lost me a match once. makes it hard to challenge the levels at earliest capabilites. have to come back when stronger and rewards arent as good,

  3. NEW GAME +
    Maybe this is a misunderstanding on my part but do I REALLY have to erase my old game? I cant keep both? I wanted my old save to explore and see if I missed anything with all my ultimate weapons. Considering I unlocked them RIGHT before the final boss its a little underwhelming how long I used them for. I want to start new game+ but Want to keep my original save. I was too scared to hit the button. is that really the case?

  4. Spelling issues. I noticed a couple but THIS one stood out to me as pretty bad ha ha
    is terrorires really a word that maybe I dont know? also the double use of the word “To To”

Aside from these I did have crashes here and there and times where I fell through map as well as did enemies. but this happened rarely. just mentioning them for mentioning sake. Also on Xbox one did any one else notice how the first fight ALWAYS takes a long time to load?

Thats all I could come up with. If i think of more Ill add later. Wish I could have reported sooner but wasnt part of beta and have full time job so couldn’t beat sooner. if these were reported by other people thats good to but if anything . . .

PLEASE PLEASE fix ending cut-scene. that broke my heart. =/


In dead watch there is one piece of lore I CANT GET.
Verimatrix rising part 2. I went thought his dungeon 6 times collecting all notes. I CANT get that one to spawn. every other dungeon I would have it done by the legendary completion.(2 tries at most)

Dunno if any one reported that or not.