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Legendary Fishing Gear Weaker Than Epic!?

So I got really excited when I saw the collector had new legendary fishing gear available. So when I got 80 shadow coins I bought both but noticed their stats are weaker than the purple epic ones I had bought from him a while back!? Is this right? Is this something that went overlooked? For as pricey as the gear is, it should be waaaaay better than its predecessor…


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I have the legendaries equipped and the epic worm says the change to epics -330 and the pole says -297.

I believe there is a bug with the comparison display numbers. If you look at the actual gear itself they should be higher level and higher number. I think the issue is that the compared numbers are adding both equipped items. If that makes sense.

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Yeah thanks @Aquamaniac and @ducksnake seems like it’s a display bug, still a bug nonetheless, hope the Devs see this and patch it in the future, it may be misleading to others…

I saw it mentioned as a bug in another thread. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in the next patch.

Might as well use this thread for it as it pretty much answers my question :smiley:
Was just about to make a thread about better gear than the epic ones from the Collector. Was in the Moors’ dungeon and had a hard time fishing there (but man, that whole area with that curse is awesome! Great job, Airship!!!)

Yes, this is a bug that snuck into the comparison display. Sorry about that! We’ll try to get it in the next patch.

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I will hijack this topic to ask another fishing related question… I’m curretnly lvl 25 and I can’t find better fishing gear anywhere. I have the best fishing gear that the collector has to offer and the fish at higher level dungeons just ignore it.
Is there another vendor somewhere that has fishing gear > 20 lvl?

I have noticed this too, glad they are aware of it too.
It is a shame the game has so many bugs, it really is a great one.

The beauty is that just because they released it, doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned it. Any bugs we report they will fix for the next patch.

I think lvl 30 fishing gear becomes available at the collector around lvl 27+.