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Lack of Gear drops for Characters

My number 1 gripe atm with the Beta is the complete lack of gear that drops for players i have hit level 15 and all my characters are stuck in purple level 13 gear cause the only piece of level 15 gear i have is Knolans staff from the arena.

this leads to the problem of level 17 monsters in Legendary Dig hitting me easily half my HP (looking at you mr greater earth elemental) cause my gear is seriously lacking compared to my character progression

legendary DIG with level 17 enemies drops level 13 gear epic if your really lucky

crafting has no viable options with there being a 4 level gap between items 13-17 and not even an item for each character

vendors i have fully upgraded and have nothing usefull

is there something im missing in relation to gear

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I’d like to add to this.

I think loot drop from chests in dungeons needs some attention. It’s quite frustrating when you find a secret golden chest but you only got a couple of materials and gold from it. Not even a single potion.

As for gear, I don’t think I have this problem on my lvl 10. It doesn’t feel like my characters are too weak.

So much this!

Gear drops are almost important in any type of RPG