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KS extras invalid

I’m trying to redeem my codes in-game in the extras section and its telling me all codes are invalid. Any ideas? Maybe new codes they gave us to fix EU issues might be the cause?

Check if you type the right letters and numbers. Sometimes zeros 0 can look like an O letter. And type the code with the dashes. It took me awhile to write down and recheck to make sure I got it down.

I tried to enter the KS Extra-Codes in the PS4 Version, but all I get is a black screen with the “O”-Button shown … no text or image, just that and pressing “O” results into nothing, even pressing the other buttons does not help :frowning:

Make sure you added the dashes too.

Ah ok ill try and get back to you guys.

Maybe it wasn’t working for me, because the PS4 needed an update, because right when I restarted my PS4 for another try, an update was needed. After updating the software the codes worked perfectly fine! :smiley:

So I was able to enter my ps4 codes and it registered. But I’m not getting them in game after I load.

I’ve tried adding dashes and it won’t let me as it means the code is too long. I’ve having no luck at all redeeming on PS4 :frowning:

When I quit the game and loaded again, all of a sudden the codes work. So try that if you are having issues :smiley:

Yeah after update and ps4 update. I added dashes and codes worked

Sorry about that!

Also, dashes and capitalization shouldn’t actually matter for these.

@Hooper Well for many, inc me, getting the confirm window is only one thing that worked, getting the actual items ingame is still not working :confused: not for me at least