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Known Beta Issues

Hello everyone! I thought I would compile a list of known issues that we are looking in to right now. I will keep this thread actively updated for reference with any new issues. Thanks for all of the support! :smiley:

  • You may be able to fish in the Waystation without clearing all enemies in the room (not intended and can cause issues). If you seem to get stuck here, simply restart and you will be placed back outside the Waystation.
  • Calibretto says “0 is active” when using a Health Potion.
  • Beastmaster does not go away after first conversation if you press through dialogue too fast. Should clear if you talk to her again.
  • You may not be able to drink from a World Map shrine if an enemy is on the node.
  • Mouse hovering over hero selector in inventory does not update the item preview with the selected hero.
  • “Intro to Overcharge” from Garrison keeps playing until it reaches the end so you’ll keep seeing it if you do fast fights early on.
  • Wargolem Lancer says “Wargolem Lancer:” before all of his lines.
  • Players can transition to rooms/different areas of rooms and have ground collision not load. You may appear below a floor piece or continuously fall. We have found this can happen primarily in entrance rooms. You will need to “Save and Quit to Menu” and then load your save again to re-enter the dungeon (if you find additional steps to reproduce this issue, please let us know).
  • May see font errors (hexadecimal code) while playing in French. Some examples include spell descriptions as well as the Bloodied Letter for Grimbeard.
  • The “Enter Code” menu option currently exists but cannot be used just yet. If you are playing with a controller and get stuck here, you will need to use ESC to exit out of it.
  • Buying multiple Iron Outpost Caches from the Shadow Coin vendor at once may cause issues with their loot tables and some boxes may not provide loot.
  • There is a treasure chest in the sewers that may spawn in the water pump.

Updated 9/6/2017 12:30 PM CST

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