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Knolan underwealming?

Did anybody else find Knolan really underwealming as a party member? i dont know if i just didnt put enough time into playing him but i tried junktown on heroic immediatly after getting Knolan and was really struggeling. switched back to Calibretto and proceeded to stomp the dungeon. Is Bretto just too efficient to not be in the party?

'bretto can cleanse without cast time, he can heal the party at the end of the battle (a really small amount only, mind you). I prefer 'bretto over Knolan as well. I would use Knolan primarily as DD but then again I’m very pleased with Garrison or Monika. Too bad the party is limited to only three characters :frowning:

I’ve been using Knolan to farm The Dig. His perk that makes him able to remove enemy buffs makes Berserkers trivial and his slowing ability, once stacked 3 times, makes dealing with Tracker Alphas way easier. Also since his lvl 2 burst restores Mana, you can just use said Mana with no worries.

Knolan feels more as a support character atm yes. mainly to debuff and slow enemies which can be useful. But his heals and damage feels lacking compared to others.

I guess his impact is a bit more indirect. Might be better to view him more as a de-buffer than a damage dealer or healer. glad to hear he is of greater use a bit further in than i have got to. Was hoping it wouldn’t be the case that he just gets ignored.

But his magic/arcane missile animation is just SOOOO good! I keep him in just for that :grinning:

I agree, Knolan is sort of a jack of all trades but a master of none. He can heal, he can shield, he can DoT, he can AoE, he can Stun and he can Debuff, but other characters do those things better/faster/more reliably… He should have been pushed more into a Mage role, maybe lower his defences and hp in exchange for higher dps from his abilities, a glass cannon build option would have been great. Right now he’s not a better healer than Calibretto, he’s not a better shielder than Gully and his damage is meh. I was trying to make him work in a party because I like that his Burst lvl 1 is an AoE Damage skill and he has a single target stun based on debuffs but he’s just lacking everywhere else. I hope the new character Alumon brings something new to the table, maybe he’s supposed to be the AoE mage support that can replace Cali for higher dps and lower heals. I think he’s gonna be like a Paladin or a Crusader from Diablo 3. We’ll see…

Letting his arcane missile jump to a second target if it debuffs an enemy buff would be a nice ‘buff’ to Knolan and make him more useful. Damn thats a lot of buffs in one sentence haha.

It would be cool if more specials had more visual upgrades. Like you said, even with perks perhaps, where you upgrade a weapon to have visual upgrades like an area of effect with the arcane missile… More work for the effects team though so it makes sense that it’s pretty limited at the moment.

Speaking of perks, have you noticed how many perk passives you have to waste perk points on Knolan, stuff you prob wouldn’t consider getting if you had other options?

Knolan was weak for me out of the gate, but he eventually caught up once I got a crit build going and I was better able to manage MP use. His shields are really helpful. Gully can shield herself, but the problem she has in that case is that her taunt tends to fall or she would be better off defending.

I run Calibretto, Garrison, and Knowlan as my primary party. Cal and Garrison work extremely well together and Knowlan, after the upgrade on his basic ice attack, helps to let me stack all the DOTs on enemies.