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Knolan and Red Monika should join at your level

I really dislike when characters join your party and are not at your level. It makes it less enticing to switch them in and begin to use them. This is compounded by characters that are inactive not earning xp. They just fall further behind and seemingly become useless. I am at Crimson Gardens right now and have never used either of those characters because I didn’t want to spend time grinding levels with them.

I would suggest having their level match your lowest character when they join, and having all inactive characters earn the same xp your main party does. This will allow players to swap people in and out and test how they all work together without any unneeded grinding.

Other than that, not much to complain about with this one. Amazing art, pretty much a perfect battle system, good challenge and story… well done!

Edit: Off topic, but if anyone knows how to get a “mana infused deep iron ignot” let me know! Need it to craft the OEM Energy Cell for the Destructive Duo hunt. :slight_smile:

you get the recipe from Welt after you’ve given him enough ore to complete his pickaxe

When you use an inactive party member with lower level it catches up by receiving more xp. Catch up mechanic which makes it not so grindy.

@guitarguy_93 thank you so much!

@Bloodlust Ah, didn’t realize. That helps, but shouldn’t be necessary IMO.