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Kickstarter PS4 Codes release?

Since the game is now available to be preordered on PSN, when are the digital codes be sent? I hate staring at the PSN screen that tempts me to preorder while advertising that i could have gotten a discount and a PS4 Battle Chasers theme.

Do the kickstarter codes include that? Any info would be great, and for those reading…this wasn’t meant to be a dig at the devs but more of frustration and a question that many players that are eager to play on ps4 are thinking. Thanks


I’m curious also. Would love a theme.

Good question. Our publisher, THQNordic, set up the theme thing, so we’ll ask them and let you guys know.


Thann for check on that.

I hope THQNordic is able to hook us up. Friday the 13th: The Game offered a free theme to PSN pre-orders and KS backers got the shaft. It’s a minor thing, but it still stings a bit. Thanks @strangelove for looking into it.

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I would love a theme for my PS4. Fingers crossed the team can pull something together for us and I am sure they will be trying to.

I’d love a theme too, but I feel like it’s another way that Nordic and/or Sony will try to monetize on the game, people pre order things for some ridiculous reasons lol. That said, I HOPE we backers can work something out to get the theme!

Yep would love a proper Dynamic Theme on ps4.

Yeah i click the Nightwar preorder screen on PS4 at least once a day… I REAAAAAAAAAAAALY need that theme. Hoping the ps4 backers can get it (or maybe even a special backer version? Wink wink nudge nudge)

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Honestly, I’m just glad that @strangelove said they would try. When this same question was posed to the developers of Friday the 13th: The Game, they didn’t even respond. In this case, if it doesn’t happen, I know that it wasn’t without some effort on the developer’s part at least. Fingers crossed that THQNordic will come through for us! :worried:

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