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Kickstarter Checklist and Possible Questions for Joe M!

So aside from the faulty ending cut scene, and some other reported glitches. I LOVED what I received as a backer and I thank the team for following through as much as they have! So if anything following sounds condescending, PLEASE, I don’t mean it that way. just making sure I am not missing anything as I didn’t come to forums till after release. (I probably had beta access and didn’t even realize it)

So I went back to the kickstarter and checked the stretch goals and was curious on if we received some.

  1. 625k Tavern Mini. Did I miss this? I didn’t see it anywhere.

  2. 777k Gambler Mini game. Now I know the gambler is in it. you can gamble for money or kill for ring. in the description on Kickstarter is says “offering a game of chance. Rewards money, items, and. . .?” Whats the and…? suppose to be? did I miss something there as well?

  3. Soundtrack. I downloaded it, and it was a quick listen through, but I couldnt seem to find the music that plays in the “Path of Fangs” dungeon. Which track is that? is it missing and is it possible others are as well?

  4. 950k & 1M More 2D Animation and voice acting - so on kickstarer these werent met. but if memory serves me correctly there was some added funding outside kickstarter that met these goals (hence the voice acting) So what was the “More” 2D animation? All I saw was the opening. I love Animation hence why I do it. I know how the industry can be demanding and sometimes things need cut. was this the case or did they just tack onto the opening?

If there are more other can chime in but that’s what I noticed. Again Happy with what I got, just wanted to double check expectancy and met requirements to see if I am not missing anything.

And Last if Possible

Is there a Link to his AMA? I missed it and its possible something like this was asked, But I have to try anyways. No harm in trying.
Joe was a huge early inspiration with his Battle Chasers book to me as an artist. So of course I loved the game and part of the promise was a continuation of the book, which I eagerly await and hope it remains true.

The question I have to ask is, in his time away from Battle Chasers. did he stop developing on it in his mind and or free time, or was it something he always kept close to him for future possibilities? I guess the reason I ask is cause either way i’m excited, but I was wondering if this is something passionate to him or more of a PR move to make sales to a still existing fan base? I am sure if the answer was the ladder then he wouldn’t blatantly admit to it and counter that PR, but looking for a convincing answer if possible. Assuming he even sees this.

Thanks again on and awesome job guys.