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Kickstarter Backer x2

I don’t mean to be spamming the forums I was just seeking some details on the Battle Chasers account page.

Does anyone know what this line means in the Battle Chaser Account management screen? Two copies? They like me enough to double my deal? All kidding aside again I’m curious what it could mean in light of the physical copy upgrades.

“Kickstarter Backer x2”

Thanks to anyone who can answer this.

I don’t know how to make this an answerable post so that I can award a “this answer selected” type of thing.

If it meant I could have two versions I would toss in two physical copies of the game as well, one for both the PC and PS4. But I’m assuming it means something entirely different.

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Interesting question, I’m not sure what that might mean. Can you throw up a screen shot of it, or send it to Probably benign, but good go figure out anyway. Thanks!

Not the whole site but I didn’t want to share my comic codes :wink:

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Got the same thing in my account and have been wondering about it ^^

Ah, that’s some under the hood stuff that probably shouldn’t be visible on the accounts anyway. Nothing to worry about!

Thanks! I saw that on mine last night and was wondering as well.