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Kickstarter Backer Pledge Info

I am curious about this. I pledged the Nightwar Deluxe edition. I know I get free digital copy of the game. Any chance you get a steam key as well on top of that. I only ask because I need this on the switch but with the delay I hope I don’t have to pay for the game twice because I will need to play it on October 3rd and then again once the switch version comes out. I just want clarification so I know if I am paying for this game twice with a total investment of $100+ USD.

If you pledged at the $100 “Complete Nightwar Digital Edition” tier, you will receive the following:

  • Digital copy of Battle Chasers: Nightwar (system of your choice)
  • Beta event access
  • Explorer’s Item Pack (includes a few potions and trinkets)
  • Backer-exclusive combat portraits for the dungeon UI and initiative bar
  • Backer-exclusive weapon skin for Garrison (CHAOSEATER from Darksiders)
  • Deluxe digital instruction manual with additional art, info and tips
  • Ultra-HD digital world map
  • Digital copies of Battle Chasers #01 through #06 (Issue #00 added through stretch goal)
  • Digital copies of Battle Chasers #07, #08 and #09
  • Digital copies of Battle Chasers #10, #11 and #12 (all new)
  • Digital edition of the Nightwar art book
  • Digital compendium of Nightwar design notes and BTS info
  • Digital copy of the Nightwar OST
  • Extended Nightwar OST including roughs and B-sides
  • Exclusive wallpaper set
  • PALADIN forum badge
  • Name in the HALL OF LEGENDS on

As you can see, there is no mention of a free Steam copy. The only tiers that included two copies of the game were from the $300 Personal Edition and above (unless you increased your pledge by $27 to add a Gift copy of the game).

Now, if you are interested in upgrading your digital copy of the game to a physical copy (only possible until 9/17), you will be provided with a free Steam code to tide you over until the Switch version releases.