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Kickstarter Add-on survey?

Now that I think about it, I pledged a little bit more to get some Add-ons, but know I’m not sure if there was a survey for them or not. Does anybody know, if there was a survey for that?

Hey GhostPhil, you should have gotten an email with instructions for signing up on and filling out your survey. We just sent another one yesterday. If you don’t see anything, drop us a message at and we’ll try to help. Thanks!

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Now that I think about it. It might be possible that I miscalculated something. I pledged the Collectors Edition and pledged 25$ more. But the Add-ons I wanted are already in the CE, so I guess there are 15& for shipping and the rest was miscalculated. So I guess that it is alright, that I can just choose the plattform?