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Keyboard disconnected after switching to Xbox Controller Mid Game

Installed the Beta today and early in game I turned on the Xbox Controller (wireless). When I alt tab to switch back to windows, I realized my keyboard was inactive. I closed the game and had to manually reconnect the keyboard usb plug.

Also during game when Calibretto was punching an enemy the joystick vibrates loudly and the game sorta freezes for 2-4 seconds, but resumes again

We’re sorry to hear the trouble! May I ask what keyboard you have @powree?

Sorry this may be a false bug. I had been unable to recreate the keyboard error so I’m not sure what caused it during the first time. I used a Genius Keyboard model GK120005K.

The freeze caused by joystick’s vibration only happened twice so far. I think it happens during first battle, using wireless joystick, when Calibretto’s doing first strike. Very random occurences.

Other than that, I havent played long since I wanted to enjoy the full game, sorry

This is promising! Good news: we’ve likely fixed the root cause of this disconnect in that long pause. Stay tuned for our next patch.