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Just 3 Hours Left According To Steam! (EST)

Hey all, hope you’re all as excited as I am to play the official release of the game! According to Steam it will be just 3 more hours until it comes out in EST! I’ll be streaming the game when I get home from work on a daily basis! Hope to see you guys there! Here’s my Twitch Info.

I was able to redeem my steam code and hop right in :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much @millej23!

did pre-orders on steam have to wait? I was able to play at 11pm last night?

@ShadowGearX No I just never got a notification from the Battle Chasers website about my Steam code so I thought we all had to wait until it officially released on Steam to redeem our codes, but I got mine just now and redeemed it at work. Thanks for the info guys.