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JunkTown Glitch

Opening a barrel caused some sort of glitch, the screen moved quickly to an area that was empty except for maybe the characters. I may have hit a button (controller) or moved and then I was dropped back to the start of that same room. I’m not sure if I received the loot in the barrel or not.

This occurred (on my version of the map) on the second screen after entering Junktown, it was near an interactable plate of fish (it referenced Finding Nemo). The room also had a teleporter in it.

Hey @KaAnna, sorry you ran in to this! Hm, we have heard of this occurring before. Do you remember if you had used any dungeon abilities just before interacting with the object? Additionally, did you just load the game and enter Junk Town, or were you playing for awhile before running in to this? Thank you for the report!

Hello, no problem!

I think I had been playing for about a half hour before entering Junktown and experiencing this bug. Can’t be totally sure about using dungeon abilities or not. At least one charge was gone on an ability and I had used the inn previously. But can’t be 100% sure I used it in there. I know I didn’t use one immediately before if that helps.

Thank you! :smiley:

Thanks @KaAnna for the information! We’ll look in to this. :slight_smile: