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Joe Mad's art not in the lorebook?

Something occured to me as I was looking through the lore compendium. The background is representing a tome of knowledge, and while the 3D enemy display is cool, I can’t help but feel like there was a missed opportunity there. What would have been cooler than the creature model? The concept art for said creature from JM.

For one, it would give the compendium a more…compendium feel. Like the pages of a book instead of a menu sorta shaped like one. Two, it would bring the bestiary entries to life in a way the model viewer just can’t and three, we get to see more of Madueira’s wonderful art and contribution to the game. That loading shot of a Lycelot? Way more intense than the 3D model, and a helluva lot cooler.

What do you guys think? Model or Art?