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I've found a broken enemy (Red Grave area)

I just entered the Red Grave area and so to leave out spoilers (though i think it’s an optional area) I did what i needed to do there and unlocked the boss fight. He has a burst ability which 1 kills any of my characters even at lvl 17. This wouldn’t be so hard to deal with if it wasn’t for the fact that he uses it EVERY turn. This has to be a bug right?
Burst abilities need to be recharged hence why bosses use them throughout the fight not spam.

I’m already extremely disappointed with the levelling progression of this game so i hope this is a bug that can be patched out and not a complete lack of imagination as to how to make a boss harder.

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The enemy you refer to applies a debuff to any hero whose health drops to < 50%. If his turn comes up and someone has that debuff, he will one-shot them.

I beat him by using Gully’s taunt/defend and wearing him down with Monika’s Assassinate/Ambush and Knolan’s burns (when he wasn’t keeping everyone’s health up).

Oddly enough, locking him into that burst spam can also be his undoing. Since you know he’s there, bring 10-15 revival potions. He’ll kill one, your next person will revive, and your last will attack. He’ll kill the recently revived. Repeat. Ended up being the easiest hunt boss in the game.

This boss fight isn’t all that hard I also spamed res potions and just killed him with Gully using the buff that grants atk pow when an allies falls she had 150% more atk. I thought the boss using overdrive was a glitch also but after thinking about the slime fight in the sewers I realized some boss fights require specific strategies to beat.