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Is there not a quick way to exit a dungeon at the end?

I’ve only done two so far, so maybe I missed it but I just cleared the sewers under the Inn and I had to walk back to the entrance to get out. It seems like it would be really handy to have an exit at the end that I can optionally take. Same way they typically do in Diablo 3. If there’s already something like this and I’m blind, then ignore that. :slight_smile:


there is either a exit like in the hyenas dungeon or use the crystal (now blue) that regenerated your party to full hp/mana after you kill the boss. in other instances - you will have to “save and exit/go back to menu” and reload the save file - you will end at the entrance of the dungeon and you can reenter it.

BTW “sewers” under the city aren’t considered as a dungeon.

Ok, thanks for the info.

Also, I don’t know why you said “servers” under the city :smile:, pretty sure I typed sewers, meaning the rat quest, but ok.

jest … my bad - a typo :stuck_out_tongue: