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Is Red Monika missing a personalized tome?

If I have checked correctly, then Red Monika is missing a personalized perk point.
In general, you can buy five personalized tomes for each character for Shadow Coins. Then there are lore volumes to be collected in 5/8 dungeons which grant a personalized tome for 'bretto, Garrison, Gully, Knolan and Alumon.
I have the The Librarian achievement so I’m sure I have all lore entries from the dungeons.

So, Airship, is there a hidden personalized tome throughout the world or did you forget a tome for Monika?

Mmh, I can found and trade them with Shadow Coins

I know that, read my post again.

The other characters get to have 6 tomes while Monika only has those 5 sold by the collector.

Oops sorry, I didn’t read it correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmh, I don’t remember if I got another tome for her :confused:

If I remember it, I will write it here.