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Is It Too Soon To Talk Sequal? ::SPOILER ALERT::

So to anyone who finished the game its apparent there is a story to follow. Will Verus be covered in the additional comics promised? or are we getting a new game? is it too soon to tell? did we need more sales outside of crowd funding for a future game?

I am dying to know! I would love a game that does more call back to characters in the Comic book. Like King Vaneer and Gully’s Brother (forgot his name, though I know hes a little “short handed” at the moment") and of course Aramus.

So what are the possibilities for the future of BattleChasers? thoughts and opinions please! Any word from officials would be GREAT!

Verus to my understanding(after reading the comic) should be game exclusive since the comic was still in the middle of it’s arc unless the 3 special issues are to tackle Verus.

My hope is that Battle Chasers in the end becomes a video game franchise(nothing against comics) because Joe Mad was known to take a lot of time on the comic and I think he could get more story telling out in software. Also he loves jrpgs so, best of both worlds.

here’s hoping Nordic funds it full time so we can have multiple Battle Chasers games. Nightwar was really good for a first project and having to build a lot from the ground up. Now they have the edge as Final Fantasy did with having an engine and art made to where the hard work is done and content can be focused on full time. just look at FF1 compared to 2 and 3 in regards to that, same with 4 compared to 5 and 6.

I too think that they should keep things separate.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring in side characters from the comics into the game as there will be more players who have not read the comics than those that have. Would only confuse them.

It was a good idea to create new characters for the game. tbh, I was a bit miffed at the beginning when I got a glimpse of the game’s story. I compared it to fillers known in anime shows. But now I think it was a good decision to keep things separate, esp. since I don’t believe that after issues #10-12 the comic will continue.

I am even glad that we managed to reach the stretch goal for Alumon. With him, the devs have an easier hand to play planning a/the sequel, even in the case that the comics should continue beyond #12. They separate Alumon from the rest to let him pursue Verus while the others return to their quest in the comics. Alumon can then put a new team of characters together to defeat Verus once and for all.

I wouldn’t mind the story going on as a video game. However I would hate for all the comic book characters to get abandoned. plus the wait time for games is killer compared to comics. and lastly a game requires much more funding than a comic. Again wouldn’t mind continuation through games if they can afford it. ESPECIALLY if it brings more 2D animation!
But would really want and need to see some of the original comic characters make appearances.