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Is it possible to 'miss things' while going throught the adventure?

Let me elaborate a little on the title question. I haven’t installed the full game yet since I haven’t had the time to dedicate to playing and I’m perfectly happy to wait for another update fix. Reading the forums in chunks, while avoiding spoilers I have noticed a few people asking where to find a particular encounter or item so that is the root of my question.

When I play is it possible to go past certain creatures/characters or items and not be able to get them since I would have progressed past that section? Is that clear, does that make sense?

Thanks for any clarity you can provide.

somes encounters/discoveries ask you to rerun somes dungeons. I think the only thing you can miss is the belevros case (if you free him/her you won’t be able to fight his/her “shade”) wich result in an entry in the bestiary. Otherwise, you can always come back

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