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Iron Outpost Relic Chests

I encountered some interesting issues with purchasing the “random” chests from the collector.

In the interest of breaking the beta I gave myself many collector coins.

I purchased 1 Iron Outpost chest from the collector. It opened fine and gave loot.

I then purchased several (more than one) at a time by choosing to purchase 5 at once, rather than buying 1 chest 5 times.

None of these chests had any loot in them.

I returned to the store and bought 1 chest 5 times and each worked as expected.

I’m not sure if the game is generating the loot when the chest is bought and failing somehow, but it seems that if you buy multiple Iron Outpost chests at once they become useless items.


Good catch! I’m fixing that immediately!

This was not at all a clever ploy to corner the shadow coin market by selling empty boxes - absolutely not. Where would you get such a silly idea, honestly.

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How does one give himself many collector coins?

It’s great you found this bug and are reporting it, but please do not abuse loopholes like this because it could corrupt your save.

We have a fix for this incoming! Thanks! Good find! :slight_smile:

No worries! I don’t intend to keep this save through a real playthrough. My intent is to gather as much feedback regarding the game systems as I can.