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Iron Outpost - Chest not rendering

I found a chest that wasn’t rendered on screen after having a battle in the same area. Could see the location of chest before battle, had battle, chest can no longer be seen but is still interact-able.

Thanks @DJKVesper! Believe this is happening due to an object culling system we have in place. Should be resolved in the next patch from this current date.

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i had the opposite problem where there was a chest icon on the map but no chest in the area. i looked around for while and tried using gully’s dungeon ability to see if anything was hidden. it was on the map tile that has the two fishing spots.

also is it possible to not get all the scrolls in a dungeon? i feel like i have gone to a couple of dungeons and discovered everything but was still missing some scrolls.

it may required a couple of dungeon runs to get all of the lore for a dungeon

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Well that is interesting! Didn’t know you had to run a couple of times to get all the lore. Would you need to run on all the difficulties to get the lore, or could you do 5 Legendary Runs and get all the lore?

All of the lore will appear in any difficulty, so 5 legendary runs would work :slight_smile:

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