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iPad (2018) - Almost guaranteed crash after major battles

Hey guys,

I bought battle chasers a few months ago for iPad 2018 and had to refund it due to guaranteed crashes after defeating makron the charred. I was so happy when I browsed the AppStore page a few weeks and read a comment by the devs saying they added a fix for 2 GB RAM devices which prevents the crashes.
I immediately bought the game again and had to start all over again…back at Makron the charred the same thing occurs…I tried it 3 to 4 times now and it crashed :frowning:
Devs is there ANYTHING I can do to get the game to run more stable?

Thanks in advance and greetings

Hey, Oscarmeyer,

Unfortunately we didn’t handle the port to iPad. You’ll want to reach out to HandyGames. Their contact form is

Hope this helps!


thanks for your reply. That’s very unfortunate to hear :frowning:
Why would I reach out to HandyGames? Could they help me?
And will you address the issue in the near future? I wouldn’t ever buy a game again after the experience I made but Battle Chasers is such a gem and I just want to finish the game :cry:


Hi Oscarmayer, Airship did the game for most of the game plateformes but the game was “transformed and adapted” by HandyGames for the iPad. It means that the “issue” was not done or coded by Airship but by HandyGames. As a consequence Airship won’t address anything because they don’t have to. HandyGames can probably help you with that bug.
Good luck with it!

Thanks for you reply, I will try :slight_smile:

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