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[iOS] Game crashes after 1.0.15 update

This rather grim bug occurs for me (iPhone 6s) On the Seige Coast, the area right after the bandit siege gun right of the town.
The most common version whenever of this bug is when the game transitions from the victory screen to the world map, so after XP and loot have been provided, I press next, the screen goes black and about a second after it crashes.
I believe, though it’s harder to reproduce, I’ve also had a similar version of this happen where it crashes as it gives me the loot, again from enemies in this area.
Sometimes the game crashes right when I engage an enemy, so instead of having the Fight! splash screen thing, it just crashes.

From what I can tell, this isn’t an issue elsewhere in the game world, so in my rather limited knowledge of how a game works under-the-hood, the issue is probably in the data for the enemies that spawn in that region, specifically with the loot they drop.

This only became a problem after version 1.0.15, which was launched ~2 weeks ago, so I’m guessing it mucked something up.

A real shame too 'cause I was having a blast with the game. Hope something can fix this.

I have been plagued with the same problems. But my crashes persisted all the way to the
Mana Rifts and now after plugging 300+ hours into the game, it wont load that save data. So all that time and effort is lost. I was told by someone w/ Handy Games that they look to fix the loading issue on the next update but didn’t say when that would be. That was over a week ago. Good luck with your game though. This truly is a fantastic game and I enjoy every bit of it. It would be so much better though, to not have to deal with the constant crashing. Oh, and I’ve played from start on an iPad Air which is on the compatibility list.

IIRC iPhone 6s is compatible as well. Regardless, it’s good news that they’re aware of it and intend to fix it, So thanks a ton for replying.
Given the rate they’ve updated the game in the past (looking at the app store version listing thing) I’d imagine the next update comes before December, though that might be a little optimistic.
Hope the update comes soon and fixes your issues as well!