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Inventory issues

Played through the beta on Steam PC, through Steam Link. Awesome experience! Love the art!

A couple of things that I’ve noticed though regarding the inventory was:

  1. If I have an item in my Inventory, say a Ring of Something, I select it/or just tap over it with my controller so the “new item exclamation mark” disappears. Later I loot a new Ring of Something, when I open my inventory, all the Ring of Something I have will now have the “new item mark”. Minor bug, but still somewhat annoying.

  2. In my latest session, the hand marker starting position got stuck in the middle (kinda) of the grid of items. Something like x: 3 right and y: 5 down. And it would always start in that position even after a restart.

  3. More of an item comparison issue, but how come Accessories(rings/amulets) doesn’t show a comparison like armor/wep/relics?

Other than that i’ve had a really nice experience of gameplay and interaction. Been reading through some other bugs and feedback, but didn’t find anything similar to what I listed above. I also haven’t experienced any of the other things other players have reported. #luckysnowflake?

Looking forward to the launch!!

We’re working on this bug!

I think that’s where your mouse cursor was :slight_smile: You’ll want to move it off your screen, or to the top corner, in order to avoid this.
Unfortunately, this is something we just don’t have control over, since Unity does not let us disable all mouse input.

Can you post a screenshot of this? They should show comparisons in the same way!

Thank you for your feedback, @Crayen!


Yes that sounds quite likely now that you say it :smiley: easy fix!

Well, yes I can. Although it turns out I was wrong about it not showing in the inventory, which is does. I suppose when I wrote it I was tired :grin: But! It came from somewhere, and it is from the vendors. All items that are character specific shows a comparison when selected. But not the accessories, I guess it is because of the small space below the itemboxes? A possible solution would be to have it like when you craft items, ie a smaller box of comparisons for all characters that is expandable?

Items with comparison

Accessories without

This should actually already be available on the left of the Vendor view! Look for the button option that reads “Toggle Details” :slight_smile:

Well, now someone feel a bit stupid for not noticing the big button in the middle of the screen! :smiley:

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