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Intro Video Skip

This is a small thing… but why the long button press to skip the intro video?

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Our video player just uses the same code for determining whether to skip, and we didn’t want someone to skip the video if they didn’t want to on accident!

That makes sense, but I’m sure it’s fairly trivial to check if the video has been viewed before (you are doing it in game to allow users to view previously viewed cut scenes) and then bypass the delay.

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I don’t mind the hold to skip (it seems more and more games are using this for various mechanics these days). What I would like to see though is the skip button to activate earlier in the opening movie; especially while these random crashes exist on ps4. Having to wait until Gully’s introduction is tedious exacerbated by being annoyed by a random crash.

The hold down bothers me, but what’s really annoying is having to sit through half the intro before I skip it.

Can you guys make it skippable from the start? The cutscenes seem to have this down.

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The video isn’t skippable from the get go because there’s loading going on in the background that it’s waiting on!
We figured people would prefer watching the intro video than watching a bar slowly fill up, but we can consider changing that if people would actually prefer this.