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Interactive Item Shimmer Effect Bug Returns

Hey guys I was playing the new dungeon and noticed that the old bug from Beta is happening in some of the items in the new dungeon. Interactive items that have already been opened regain their shimmer effect when you exit the dungeon and resume where you left of.

Thanks Omni. Can you let us know if you keep seeing it, or if its confined to a few things in Deadwatch

I’ll keep an eye out for it, it may be a special case.

@Airship-Steve Hey Steve, it happened again in the same spot, same dungeon here’s proof. It may be localized to just this area. Happened the same way, I passed through i the first time, I left to dungeon to heal in town, came back and they were shimmering again.



ok thanks. We did a big global fix but i think there may be a couple that are still broke looks like. Let me know if its a large number or just those few. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just those for now I think.

Hey, I have run across this issue in numerous dungeons on the ps4. It’s happened in the first dungeon and junktown in multiple rooms in each. It seems to be only on more items, and often the sparkles stay on the item after you have interacted with it.

Hope this helps

Hi @kicker1991! Are you patched up on the ps4 by chance? We fixed a bunch in those dungeons in the day 1 patch i believe.

Hey there.

Yea, I hit check for update after downloading it the other night and it
said that it was at the current version. I’ve also found that when you look
at the dungeon minimal, sometimes the icons won’t disappear from the map
once you’ve interacted with them in a room.

I’m running the eu version of the game on a regular ps4.

Hope this information helps, it’s a great game and I’m glad I backed it all
those years ago, just a slight shame about the bugs.



thanks for the extra info!