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Initial Feedback

Hey guys, first of all, I want to say I love this game! It feels and plays great. I have a list of what I think works and what I think doesn’t work as well:

The art style is great
I love the tactile feedback and weight of the attacks
Combat is intuitive and simple, yet requires strategy
Enemies changing appearance mid-fight (attack up animation)
Most of the difficulty is good (though I think some fights, like single spiders, are too easy)
Secret areas! I love secret areas!

Not as good:
World map: Landing on points is a little frustrating; must be exact
World map: Hitting “A” on points has a delay between landing on it and pushing the button; wish it were more fluid to walk over and hit A
Dungeon traversal: many people have brought this up already, but the movement does seem a tad slow. A sprint option or just pick up the walk pace a little bit would be great, but I don’t think it’s atrocious
Combat: I mentioned in the pros that I love the weight of the attacks, but in a long fight, it can actually become a little cumbersome. It’s a huge vibrate function and with the screen shake, when it happens 30 times in a row, it can be a little disorienting
Loot: pertaining to the aforementioned secret areas, it is disappointing when I discover a secret that either contains nothing, or contains a chest that only has 4 coins and an herb in it. C’mon, gimme the good stuff!

On my 3440x1440 monitor, during battles, in the top left corner, all text and character portraits are cut off. I can only see half the text/portrait as if it’s trying to go beyond the top border of the screen
Buff: not sure if this is a bug or if I’m just missing something, but in the first dungeon (Iron Outpost), I came upon a book in which I was to write the story (which I loved, btw, very clever), and after I was finished, it said I received “imprisoned buff.” However, none of my characters were then buffed, I couldn’t find anything in my inventory or skill list, so I have no idea what that did.
Dungeon: after reading several notes/books on the ground, their shiny ! status doesn’t disappear, and it leaves a ! on the map. This is confusing. Also, maybe I just missed it, but in one room, there was a treasure chest icon on the map, and I searched for half an hour and found nothing.

Rewards: I received the exact same item for killing the first dungeon boss as I got from the loot chest for finishing the dungeon. Maybe a little variety here.
Dialogue: Both the Beastmaster and the Blacksmith seem too eager to help me out. Neither required any kind of convincing to give up their services for seemingly nothing in return
Dungeon: I exited a dungeon because I needed to get back to the beginning and didn’t want to run all the way there. When I re-entered the dungeon, I found out it had been totally reset. Maybe add a message before leaving the dungeon that all progress would be lost.
Dialogue: Just an idea that might be cool, maybe don’t display the character’s name until they say it in dialogue. It’s probably unimportant, but it’s kind of weird knowing the character’s name before we actual meet them (ie: Beastmaster/Blacksmith/etc.)
Dialogue: Also a minor thing, but I don’t care for Bretto’s text box style. I know you’re going for something that looks robotic and whatnot, but it doesn’t seem to fit the same art style as the rest of the game.

I’m sure I’ll have more! Keep up the great work! I’m having a blast!


Thanks for the feedback! In regards to the dungeon resetting. Did you complete the dungeon and then leave? (that will reset it). if you leave or die in the middle of a dungeon, it shouldn’t reset (unless you die in legendary difficulty!), in which case it is a bug and any extra info will help us address it. Thanks!

Yup, I completed it. I guess it may stand to reason that leaving will reset it, I just wasn’t aware at the time. When I went back into it, there was a button that said “revisit dungeon,” which made me think I could enter where I left off, but I think it was just the button to “restart dungeon,” so to speak. Not a bug, just got me. I was going to go back and attack the gambler!

Ok great thanks! And i think you should, next time you see him :wink:

Allow me to add to your resolution comment - I see the same thing at 3440x1440 and also see brownish bars on the extreme left and right edges as shown in your screenshot above, but also in the overworld, not just battle screens. I’m guessing ultrawide resolutions were not anticipated, but am hoping that is just a bug that is fixable.

I will add my own post shortly, but wanted to support your feedback as well. :+1:

Interesting, I don’t actually see this in the overworld. I assume you’ve checked your in-game display options?

To shed some light on your treasure chest icon on the map in the dungeon issue, there are secret breakable walls. You need to use gully’s ground smash. I’m not sure if you can still access the secret if you run out of her dungeon ability. I was also confused as to what the “!” meant in each room.

Ahh, interesting, very good to know. I’m not sure I would have figured that out; I used up all her charges on smashing enemies.

I think the “!” icon means there’s a lootable object in the room, but that’s just my best guess.

It’s right there in your screenshots. Look upper left and bottom right. Brown horizontal bars.

They do not show when you change to 2560x1440 for me.

Oh, I got you. I was thinking you meant the vertical bars. Dummy.

No worries, I am the dummy for not specifying horizontal or vertical. :sweat_smile:


For the imprisoned buff, did you see this buff? The toast says it’s the imprisoned buff, but the actual buff on your characters is the shrine of health.

I do not recall seeing any extra buff at all. I know I got a buff from the actual shrine before the boss fight and a buff from another area on the map, but I don’t believe I saw anything at all from the book. I can run the dungeon again and check later today.

Yeah, I can’t hardly interact with ANYTHING on the world map. I have to constantly nudge around the area mashing the button hoping to land in that sweet spot.

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even bother trying to pick up loot or anything on the world map. Even then, the frustration of spending like a minute trying to enter every single location is making the game virtually unplayable for me. :sob: