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Initial Feedback, Bugs, & Suggestions

Greetings to all of you amazing devs!

So here I sit, after probably 12 hours or so of playtime. The game looks amazing, sounds amazing, and feels amazing! Props to you all, job well done. I cannot wait for launch.

After 12 hours or so of playtime, I do have a few points I’d like to make for consideration, bug / glitch reporting, and suggestions.


The only real bug / glitch I’ve encountered thus far is while traveling on the world map. The screen / characters tend to “jerk” as if the screen cannot keep in sync with the characters moving along the path. This seems to happen about 15-20% of the time I’m on the world map moving from node to node. It lasts but a few seconds, but enough to be annoying visually.

The art and look of this game truly is amazing, with the exception of one thing. Calibretto’s chat box / bubble. I know it was mentioned in another post, and I have to agree. It just does not fit with the rest of the game. Perhaps keeping his chat box like the rest, and using a different font to highlight his different speech tone.

While I am getting this on my PS4, playing this on the PC is making me rethink that option. With that comes my next suggestion - Windowed Fullscreen mode. I play on dual monitors and while switching from the game to another screen does not cause a crash (which is nice) it does cause the game screen to vanish until I come back to it. Playing in non-fullscreen and on my max resolution causes most of the edges of the screen to be cut off.

Loot variation, I seem to only be getting loot drops for Garrison. Now, this could very well be my long standing hate / love relationship with the RNG gods. I hate them and they love to never actually do anything good for me. Then again, it could also mean that loot tables need to be fleshed out a bit.

The only other suggestion I have is for the dungeon map. Perhaps either on the map itself or somewhere else, a map icon key. Something that tells us what each icon means. I figured out the portal, the chest, and the fishing spot. But have yet to figure out what the ! on a tile means. Now if these are the only icons on the map, if someone can tell me what that ! means that would be great. If there are more icons that have yet to be seen, a key would be a great help. It doesn’t even have to be a specific key, just a general idea.

With all of that said, I cannot thank you enough for this amazing game, fantastic work!

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Hi there!

Regarding the “jerk” in your world map character movement, does it consistently happen? If you leave it idle for a couple minutes and then move around do you see the “jerkiness” still occur? Would you mind posting your system specs and whether you’re on HDD or SSD?

The loot system’s RNG is actually a dependent probability meaning it’s like pulling marbles from a bag or drawing cards out of a deck rather than rolling a die each instance which reduces the frequency of seeing the same thing from a loot table too often. The caveat is that the same items may be available in multiple loot tables giving the result you may be experiencing.

Thanks for responding with your feedback! Glad you’re enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

The “jerking” occurs randomly honestly, and sadly there is no one thing I’ve noticed that sets it off. I have noticed it tends to happen more often (but not exclusively) after I’ve manually moved the map to look ahead.

I’m running an Intel i7, 3.6GHz, 16 GB of Ram, Windows 7 64bit. My vid card is a GeForce GTX 970 with 4 gigs of memory.

Thanks for the feedback! As for the bit about Bretto’s dialogue bubble, is it the bubble framing or the font that isn’t jiving. The framing is actually a throwback to how his bubbles appeared in the comic, kind of like the teeth of a series of gears. Though, I can see if the robot font is a departure from the other comic style dialogue.

I really can’t put my finger on which one feels out of place. Making a change to the font could very well make it work. It’s one of those “feel” things that’s hard to explain.

I agree on the dungeon map icons. I assume a treasure chest for example means there’s treasure there, but at the same time it doesn’t really tell if it meant that it was there and I already got it, or if there’s still something hidden.

Posted this in another thread but I’d love hot keys for the attacks and the like. Like numpad 1, 2, 3, etc in each screen so you don’t have to mouse over to each attack or consumable every single time (gets VERY repetitive). I know it’s a little late in dev cycle but doesn’t seem too hard to do or you could add it in a patch later …

Balance can be a very tricky thing. Right now if you enter a dungeon and FAIL all spawns on the regular map still get harder. IMHO this should not happen. You obviously weren’t ready. If you can creamed and didn’t complete it the spawns should not upgrade.

No jerking on a 970 with less of a system. Except I am on Win10. That system should have no problem handling this game it isn’t graphics intensive. Have you updated your drivers?

Yea, everything is up to date. My best guess is that it has something to do with running two active (and separate) screens.

Wikid, are your two screens running on different refresh rates?

No, same refresh rates. I tried it in non-windowed mode and didn’t have the issue. So my guess is that it’s something with the dual monitors.