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Initial feedback after few hours of play

Hi there!

First off, so far I am loving the game! The artwork, music, animations and general feel… exactly what I had hoped for when I backed it! :slight_smile:

Some observations that confused me upon my first play:

  • Not all conversations are voiced. Not sure if work in progress, or limited to main quest line due to budget reasons. Immersion would feel better with everything voiced, but whatever is possible is fine by me.

  • Art videos are a bit “choppy”. I fully understand that it’s in a comic book style, personally I’d prefer some more frames or less, to either have a bit more fluid video, or more of a comic feeling. The current amount of frames feels a bit like a in between solution, that hits neither.

  • Found an item I am supposed to take to the fish monger. That character is nowhere to be found yet. Slightly confusing to new players.

  • Tool tips or pop-up clarifications when your health and mana regenerate, what resting is good for and how to recharge your dungeon powers would be greatly appreciated for newcomers.

  • Access to the bestiary/enemy compendium with information during fights would be greatly appreciated, to see if you can exploit any specific weaknesses. In fight is when you need that information, however currently it is not accessible.

  • I feel crafting can use a bit more explanation, to make it easier for newcomers. Was a nice surprise to stumble over a forge thingy in a dungeon, but was very confused that I needed to run into a dungeon to craft items.

  • Moving with mouse click or keeping the button down on map and in dungeons would be a great feature. WASD works, but feels a bit clunky.

  • In combat, icons on the ability indicating whether or not its a single target or AoE attack would be a great comfort feature, to make decisions faster. Currently I always have to hover over every ability again to double check for that (in addition to checking out future initiative position with each ability).

  • Connected to that, some icon or indication if the ability takes place before the next enemy acts, would be great. Whether or not the character will act before or after an enemy with an ability, affects 80% of my decisions.

If more comes to mind, will update it here. Thanks for a great experience thus far, and save carry overs into the final game (OMG!). :smiley:


Thank you for all the feedback! Some really good suggestions here.

A quick note, though; The Bestiary should be available in combat, just like you were expecting! If you’re not able to access it, that’s a bug!
Bringing up B to access the Bestiary or Tab to open the Compendium should work - if not, let us know!

Ahh, I see! Was trying “O” as usual, but that didn’t work.

“Tab” does nothing for me, “B” does work, however opens a specific page (not sure if it’s a smart open of the creature currently selected, that’d be awesome!)

It’s currently just the creatures that are in combat, but that’s a great idea!

Ok, after playing to the first fire elemental boss and trying to kill the ooze boss in the sewers… the difficulty spike is ridiculous. Going from dominating every fight to getting AoE’d down without any chance of survival. And “flee” does not work, greyed out. Lost 900 gold, feels bad man…

I like the difficulty of the hunts the way they are. I think the spike in difficulty is intended and I hope they don’t change that. It’s nice to have some really hard fights where you have to buff up and come up with a good strat.

As you said, B opens the Beastiary and Tab doesn’t. One of the tips mentions using Tab, so maybe that needs changing.

I totally agree with the controls, it all seems really geared towards console and not PC, and is sometimes very clunky. I need to press Esc a couple of times sometimes before it takes effect.

Finally, you can definitely see the order of attack when you select a skill, look at the order and you’ll see your character move around up and down depending on the skill (I think they’ll have a red circle in the portrait and an icon whether the skill is attack, buff or defend).