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Initial Feedback 9-5-2017 Play Session

Played for around 3-4 hours last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Have some comments on things that I saw. Might be mild spoilers in here up through the first dungeon or 2 … so beware! I am going to focus on constructive criticism and bugs, as there is a plentiful amount of positives. I am loving it!

Bugs and Issues:

  • Steam Cloud Saves - Not implemented? Going on a trip this weekend, and was hoping to continue playing on my laptop on the plane. If anyone knows where these are saved for the time being, I would like to transfer it over if I can :wink:
    EDIT: Found the location, maybe: “C:\Users<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Airship Syndicate\BattleChasersNightwar\76561197963334022\saves”

  • When exiting a battle on the world map, I notice you start a little ahead of where the encounter started. Noticed this mostly when fighting on top of a lootable chest/plant/debris, and I have to back track some to pick it up.

  • Found a chest that was clipped inside of the water pump in the sewers (when clearing out the spiders), this seems like a bad place to put a chest and should be moved to a more realistic location.

  • Minor annoyances when leaving a conversation at the blacksmith/enchanter/inn/vendors, if you press A to move past the conversation, it will not register and immediately put you back into the vendor window/conversation. Should allow you to skip the last line, and not put you back into the shop menu.

  • I find that sometimes scrolls/books that you have already picked up seem to sparkle when they come into view on the screen, and then immediately stop. Looks to be a minor graphical glitch, when they enter the draw area possibly?

Small Gripes (Intentional or not?):

  • Menu for equipment is somewhat confusing to navigate. You click on a character, then it puts you in the sub menu. Why not just have it already in the sub menu, and use LB/RB to navigate characters. The need to press A on a character and then A again to get into the sub menu is confusing where you are in the menu chain at times.

  • I have yet to find a hidden wall that I can break open. I see ! on the map tiles in dungeons but I don’t know what I am looking for exactly (I am assuming the ! means there is a secret there). I feel sometimes that the books/scrolls still keep this ! icon there and is confusing. But I could just be missing something … you only get 5-6 ground smashes, and I have yet to find a wall that is breakable :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I was trying to go through this book in the first dungeon, Iron Outpost, it was asking me to write a story. I was attacked by an invisible bandit that I didn’t see. After defeating the bandit I was locked out of the quest/book and I couldn’t continue. Is this intended to be a thing? I find some things stop time, and some don’t when interacting in the dungeons. It would be nice if you could read through lore and what not without having to worry about getting jumped.

  • Some interactions are strange. Like when you first go to the Enchanters house, it was at the beginning of the game, and I ended up throwing the sign on the ground, as I thought that might be the only way to progress. I am still unsure what consequences this will bring. So maybe I just need to be more careful, lol.

  • The characters in Harm’s way seem to give a lot of information without much relationship building. Especially the smith. I think it would be nice to build that more, maybe doing a small side quest before they trust you, etc.

That is about all I have for now. Overall, everything worked very well. Game looks great, ran great, and didn’t have any issues besides what is listed above. Keep up the good work!


From what I understand, the treasure chest icon indicates a secret/breakable wall, and the ! icon represents a lootable object. These seem to stick around because of the scrolls/pages/books that don’t switch over to “looted,” and maintain their shimmery aura thingy.

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Ok, thanks. I wasn’t sure what all the icons mean. That makes a lot more sense, so I do think some of the lootable objects are not clearing the ! icons correctly.

Thanks for the feedback! The ! represents an event spawned in the room (like the bandit gambler, puzzle, the storybook etc). Chest icon represents a Chest is unlooted in the room. Theres no icon for a secret wall (but often there will be a chest in there so if you cant find a chest and theres a chest icon in the room thats a good indicator) you can look for dust particles periodically falling from secret walls.


Looks like my intel was not so good! I think it might be a good idea to remove the ! once the event is over/read/spoken to/etc., IMO

Thanks for the clarifications, Steve. I will keep my eyes open for the falling dust.

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One other note: Steam cloud saves are planned for support, just not working quite yet.

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I’m not sure if these items have been addressed in other threads, but I’ve logged about 10 hours and I’m in Junktown, and I just died (at regular difficulty). I’m assuming most people know parts of the story, so my apologies for spoilers… but here’s my thoughts/suggestions:
RE: the passive skill(s) - Gully’s break/Callibretto’s heal/Garrision’s dash - First off, I’ve used the smash ALOT and other than it’s effect on an enemy prior to the start of battle, I’ve yet to find a wall to break. That and after playing around with it and trying a few suspect spots, I was out of charges. But unlike HP and Mana, these don’t recharge at level up, only upon resting at the inn (or dying). I found that kind of frustrating, and I get the limited amount of charges with Callibretto’s heal skill… but it’s annoying to have a limited amount of smashes.
RE: The Blacksmith - It wasn’t very clear how one is to learn recipes, and I felt it weird that I had to find the book in my inventory and use it on the party (this took me a while to figure out) but also that you can’t use the forge in harm’s way. Only at dungeons (at least in early game).
RE: Changing party members - I found Knolan, left harm’s way and didn’t swap him in and then called in a night. Yesterday, I could not FOR THE LIFE OF ME, figure out how to swap members.
Re: Dying/Loss of gold- I get the auto-save function but if you decide to bite off more than you can chew (i.e. the fire elemental or a heroic dungeon) it’s frustating that I’m not given a choice to restore to a save point before making that decision (which I consider to be classic RPG move). Regarding the loss of gold, I feel like at least where I’m at in the game, my loss for dying came at a huge cost given how little is earned. Losing 300GP+ and having only 500GP left in my bag.
Lastly, regarding the dungeons… if you have unfound chests at the end of the dungeon, it kinda bugs me that when you leave (after defeating the boss) that the dungeon automatically resets. Part of this bugs due to the aforementioned passive skills that can only reset after sleeping (which make it harder to explore)

Bottom line, love the game so far. Pretty excited to finish the beta this weekend, it’s been worth the wait and I’m excited to play on the switch on release day.

Thanks for the feedback.

People are having a tough time finding where to swap party members - you can at the Inn, or at dungeon entrances. We’ll see if we can find a way to make this more visible.

Interesting point about chests at the end of a dungeon. That’d be a bit of a tricky change, but I’m going to think on it. I do see what you mean.

Blacksmith - crafting is dungeon only until you upgrade his shop a few times, then you unlock town crafting

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