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Impaling Ice (not ignoring the enemy's Mag Def?)

The perk Impaling Ice of Knolan lets ice spells, according to description, ignore enemy Mag and Phy Def (well in this case only Mag Def since Knolan’s attacks are only magical in nature).
So, that should mean that if the description says 100 Magic Damage, the enemy should suffer 100 Magic Damage and not 95 Magic Damage, right?
In that case, can other players check as well if they get the wanted effect of 100% damage? Because I don’t get my 100% damage. At the time of this writing I am playing NG+ Crimson Garden and Knolan is currently 26 and the mobs are 30+.

The loss in damage is coming from the level difference. (if something is significantly higher level, it will take less damage and deal extra damage. It starts at 4 level gap and gets significantly higher the bigger the gap is)

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Oh, I see. Thank you for the clarification. I almost suspected as much.