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I'm not finding where to enchant my items?

I got enchanting recipes but I’m at a loss as to where I can enchant my items. Anyone know ? I must just be not seeing it…

Work benches are usually in dungeons.

For enchanting, I could only find one in dungeons. The upgraded Blacksmith offers a table for blacksmithing, and the alchemist has a tablefor alchemy, but for enchanting, basically I just went to a lower level dungeon looking to kill some bombers, found one there, and just never completed the dungeon to have a table whenever I needed it.

Junktown is one place where you can enchant. Instead of a workbench for constructing items, it looks like some kind of shrine. A bit tall, and blue. It’s in a different place every time you restart the dungeon.

You can also unlock a unique enchanting station (which has unique enchants) in one of the exploration areas, which never resets so youll always have access to that one. Like the alchemist and blacksmith, youll also be able to unlock enchanting in town later in the game.(not in the beta)

So we will be able to unlock the work benches and enchanting stations in town?

Thats correct. In the Beta its possible to unlock the blacksmithing workbench in town by upgrading his shop to level 3, but the unlock for the in town enchanting station is later in the game than you can get to in the beta.