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I'm not figure in the Hall of Paladins?

I’ve been cheking my mails and the hall of backers. My nick not appears in the Hall of Paladins…
Sorry for the trouble.

I had recently contacted support regarding this issue. Here is the response they sent:

We’ll be updating the list but as of now our priorities are on in-game issues as well as fulfilling the rest of our rewards to our backers. When the list is updated we’ll be sure to let you know.

So, it would seem all we can do at the moment is wait patiently.

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I’m not on the list either :frowning:

Same for me (Personal Edit… nowhere to be found in backer’s hall)

Thanks, I hope an update soon about that or a reply.
I’m a bit annoyed that I did not see the name of all the backers in the final credits, the project did not know if there was a goal of the project that was only for those above but in another KS they all went

Hey, everyone! If you still aren’t on the Hall of Backers, please send an email to with the name that should be displayed and email that you backed with, so we can track the missing names. We’re updating periodically and we’ll be making another update by the end of the week.


I’ve emailed on 11/13 and 12/1 but still nothing on Hall of Backers.

Same for me, I’m still not figure in the Hall of Paladins :weary:

Me either? Worst part is I was in there months ago, but now my wife and I are not?

Brought this up several times with assurances it would be solved, but still nothing?

Same thing happened for me. I was originally in the list when it went up.
I contacted support about it a while ago to find out why I wasn’t listed anymore.
I’m finally back in the list (as of when, I’m not sure).
Not even alphabetical anymore though. Just slapped on the bottom. Yay for Ctrl F searching…

Looks like they finally added my name, but they’ve got me clumped in with all the Hall of Heroes backers rather than in the Hall of Legends.

Don’t feel bad… I’m not there either.

I had been trying to find my name on the Hall of Paladins and cannot find it too. Tried email , but did not get any response. I am now trying to beat the game to check whether my name will be in the end credits as i had “OPT-IN FOR CREDITS” in my account page. Has anyone here whom does not have your name on hall of backers, beat the game and check whether your name is in the game credits? @ortizgames is it possible to help on this? Its kinda bummer that we had gave so much support to it and doesn’t get any appreciation. :frowning:

Hey guys, if you aren’t in the Hall send a message to I’ll have them gather up a list and we’ll try to update soon, which is a manual process unfortunately. Sorry about that.

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Hey neogeofan, I’ll follow up with our support guys on the list of people and make sure we get it. The “opt in for credits” thing is for the Hall if that’s the level you’re at. Only a few high-end tiers got in-game credit though. But I want to make sure you’re in the Hall as promised.

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Great to hear that! Really hope to see the credit in both here and within the game. Really enjoyed the game, went out to get a physical copy of it (missed out the part to opt for one) in order to put together with the physical rewards to make it a set. Thanks for the reply @strangelove.