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I'm needing some help (final boss NG+)

So I went through this game without a lot of problems but oh my God this is killing me. I decided to go through the game with Gully, Bretto, and Garrison this time and have the ultimate weapons of both Gully and Garrison. C’drall’s hits either kill me in 1 shot or almost do and when he does his attack that hits the entire party, we all get stuck with 4 stacks of bleeding.

Can anyone offer some advice? As it stands, my stats and gear are:

Health - 11062
Stamina - 2212
Atkpw - 12173
Phys Def - 380
Magic Def - 387
Crit - 18.5% (10622)
Gear - Cursed Blade, Star-Forged Mail (orange), Skysteel Band (orange), Augur’s Encasement of Prophecy (purple), & Battlemaster’s Shard of Victory (orange)

Health - 14512
Stamina - 2902
Atkpw - 6670
Phys Def - 1509
Magic Def - 802
Crit - 10.1% (5786)
Gear- Dragonkind, Guardian’s Embrace (green), Ring of Balance (purple), Darkroot necklace (green), & Rime Prism (blue).

Health - 9047
Stamina - 1809
Atkpw - 5542
Phys Def - 635
Magic Def - 648
Crit - 19% (10939)
Gear - Overcharged Cannon (purple), Star-Forged Plating (orange), Bloodbite Ring (green), Pulsing Demon Heart (orange), and Fate Stone Coffer (green).

Your armor needs to be enhanced or changed. Your defense on 'bretto and Garrison shouldn’t be so low.