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Im excited to play

Im looking foward to playing and streaming this game!


We’re looking forward to you playing!!!

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how nice! <3

I’ll be streaming it as well

Even better! Can’t wait.

With all the stuff ive seen so far, im really happy i could back this game.


I’m excited to play too!
i want to stream it… is there any guidelines to that? otherwise im just looking forward to beta.

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SUPER excited to have Garrison with Chaoseater! Yay, backers!

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Huge Darksiders fan, hopefully I’m a soon to be Battle chasers fan!

Please 5th September hurry!!


Doubt I’ll get a response…but I gotta ask, did you get to meet Mark Hamill when he voiced the watcher?? Such a great character.

Joe and some of our sound guys got to meet him. He was cool enough to sign some stuff for the team, too. Joe said he was a super nice, funny and down to earth guy. Also a ridiculous pro who nailed his character easily. Yeah, he’s lucky!

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