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I want a refund

You guys have only delivered up to the $70 tier of the backer rewards. I have absolutely no expectation at this point in time that either you or your publishers are competent enough to deliver the rest of the rewards at this point in time, when even digital rewards are still missing. I want the difference between what was delivered and what was pledged refunded. I’m tired of waiting for something that’s never going to come. This is Kwanzer level dishonest.

Yean that is not how KS works. I don’t entirely disagree but when you backed them that money was effectively “lost”.

I do wish that they would handle their backers in the same exact way they handle their publishers etc. Seems like once THQ was on board the backers get placed in the back of the line of importance.


Except I didn’t “back” on KS. I made a purchase on their site store with none of KS’s legal disclaimers which has now bound them to my country’s local consumer affair laws which they have now breached. Whoops. So yes, I’m entitled to my refund. That’s how the law works in countries that aren’t America.

Did you get your refund yet?

Months late, but I finally did, yes.