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I have still not received my pyshical ps4 copy and Airship didnt awnser the emails

I have still not received my pyshical ps4 copy; After several months of waiting, they told me two copies has been sent, but I have not received any further news on this matter to date.
I checked the Post Office and UPS office (because they don’t let me know how they were sent the package) to ask for it, without notice.
On december i asked again for the tracking number of the shipment and the courier company, but then Airship offered me a refund and asked me for my paypal acount.

I sent 3 emails and I’m looking forward to a response and a solution.
This is the worst experience has a costumer i ever had.
Does anyone else in have a similar problem?

At least they replied to you. I’ve sent several emails about the Physical rewards for backers and still no reply.

Guess that means I can forget my physical PC copy as well then.
I haven’t bothered contacting support over the past several months as I was seeing enough threads here that show that this apparently doesn’t help at all.